SoCal Family Campers was started in the summer of 2007 by a group of total strangers who met through the RV.NET web site forum.  We decided to camp together one weekend with the idea of finding like minded families to camp with on a periodic basis.  That first weekend was a huge success and the families attending decided that an organized camping club would be a great idea.

We are a family camping club and most members have children (or grandchildren).  Ages currently range from 1 through 18.  We're focused on providing a family friendly camping environment that offers a safe and fun experience where both kids and adults can relax and have a good time with friends.

SoCal Family Campers camps on the weekend with the second Friday of each month.  We tend to frequent campgrounds in San Diego, Riverside and San Bernardino counties.  We stay in public and private campgrounds both with hookups and without.  Most trips are just for the weekend but we take three and four day group trips on holidays once or twice a year.

Rather than having the club make group reservations, each member chooses and reserves their own preferred site.  Each trip is organized by a volunteer Wagonmaster who chooses the campground and makes the first reservation (for their own site).  That site number and other details of the trip are then distributed to the rest of the club.  The Wagonmaster also organizes the Saturday night potluck dinner and may also offer group activities if desired.

Typical camping weekend activities include relaxing, socializing, hiking, biking, games (such as horseshoes, ladder golf or washer tossing), Geocaching and off-roading.  We usually have a group campfire on Friday and Saturday nights.